Naturopathy Consultation

Naturopathic Initial Consultation is 1.5-2 hrs $140.00 

This is a comprehensive appointment where detailed health history and daily nutrition is analysed to ensure the practitioner has an understanding of client's diet and lifestyle. These initial appointments will also include Iridology, Nail and Tongue analysis. Naturopathic Testing may be offered at an additional Cost. Treatment may include Supplementation, Mineral therapy, Herbal Tincture, and Flower Essence.

Naturopathic Initial Children's Consultation (12 years & under) 45-1 hr $ 80

This is tailored made for children. Includes Iridology, Nail and Tongue analysis. Each child will go home with their own personal flower essence. Treatments can also include supplementation, Mineral Therapy and Herbal Tinctures if recommended.

Online ZOOM Naturopathic Consultation 45 mins $99 Wanting to talk to a Naturopath, maybe you don't have one close by, you may live further away in Regional Australia and find it hard to get the Natural Health advice you need. With a virtual Naturopathic Consultation you are able to access time with me to get to the bottom of any niggly and worrying symptoms all from the comfort of your own home. I will send you through a ZOOM link to join at your appointment time, we will have 45 mins to discuss your concerns. I will then email you all the information and piece together your personal treatment plan. We will also meet up again 2-3 weeks on to see you are getting the support you need. 

Acute Naturopathic Consultations 30 mins $60

This is particularly for relief of symptoms from colds and viruses, digestive pain, ear aches, when needing some fast herbal relief.