Bio-Compatibilty Hair Test

This is a simple non-invasive testing that I offer clients so we can get to the bottom of the foods or products that may be hindering your #immunesystem and could be the cause of #makingyoufeelsick. I have witnessed great success especially with those suffering from #ibs #disgestivecomplaints #reflux #clearingofthroat #allergies #foodintolerances #weightgain #thyroidimbalances #hormonalimbalances #acne #skindisorders this has also been successful with children and babies.

We simply take a small #hairsample from the tip of your hair, or hair from anywhere else on the body. We can also use #salvia to do this test too.

Watch the video below which may answer some of the FAQ that I often am asked.

Below is the online form to order this test, you won't need to book a Consultation for this one- I have included 2 x complimentary consultations when this test form is completed, these can be over the phone, skype or in the clinic, one usually when we have your results back and another 4 weeks after you have implemented the necessary changes to diet and products.

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