Boosting your Immune

As it cools down and the seasons change, we begin to hear the sniffles, sneezes, and coughs. There is no better time to guard yourself than now, why wait until you get sick. Natural health does provide us with an amazing #immunesystem that will be fighting for you, so its in your best interest to help it do its job in #prevention. So my first tip is know your body. What is your first sign? Is it #tiredness? Or a #runnynose? Or a #sorethroat? You must attack this at onset, there is no point waiting it will be too late, viruses will progress and even though we can lessen the affects it will more than likely go through its various stages. We all know that #VitaminC is a must; however 500mg every 2 hours is best as it will pass through your system pretty quickly, #VitaminD an absolute immune system protector, #VitaminA actually think all #antioxidants they provide oxidative protection your body. We need specific #minerals, #Zinc and #selenium are well known; however we need a variety of minerals to help the body to function at optimum level. Of course as a #Naturopath I can't go past #probiotics they are an immune essential at this time of year, in fact, unless you have a pristine diet then most people with a pulse need help with their #intestinalbacteria. Speaking of diet-consuming sugar when your immune has dipped is the worst thing you can do, too much sugar lowers your #whitebloodcells. Always come back to diet and your nutrients, as the most common cause of a low immune system is #nutrientdeficiencies. So what herbs would I choose? I love #Echinacea and #Astragalus for #immunestimulating and #andrographis for its #immuneenhancing you can't go past #StJohnsWort for its #antiviral properties, and especially useful if you have #stress or #depression tendencies as for some of us that could be the driving culprit.

If you do struggle with your Immune System I would love to be able to assist you on your health journey. As a Naturopath I can piece together exactly where things may be going wrong with your body and individually tailor make a treatment plan to get you on the path to wellness.

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