Emotional Wellbeing

All of us at some stage will have moments where you feel you cant cope anymore. Whether its work stress, your family life, your kids, your partner or financial worries. Life can be hard, and I think we all need to go a little easier on ourselves. The fast pace of how we live, what is expected of us all each day is sometimes too much.

Maybe your kids have been fighting or yelling at each other and your screaming back, or your young baby isn't sleeping, perhaps you feel like your on top of the bills and then a fine appears, or you are hit with a tax bill or you were just paid and boom like that all of the money is gone. These are daily struggles, then there can be bigger problems, the health of loved ones, loss of a family member, relationship break ups and the list goes on. What helps you cope? Everyone has there way of dealing with things or maybe they don't.

As a Naturopath I help people with a variety of health aliments but one common thread that comes up with most is #stress or #anxiety or #depression and #emotionalwellbeing it can actually be an underlying or driving factor to the symptoms they may be experiencing.

Many people don't actually deal with their emotional well being they just go day to day not realizing that they haven't really addressed something that could be contributing to their ill health.

I usually suggest a variety of techniques to guide clients whether it is #mediation or #yoga or #prayer or for some its a walk on the beach, a ride on a bike or horse; but we all do need to have that time to be able to take a breath and take a minute or 10 for ourselves. Seeking help & guidance from an experienced medical practitioner may also be the answer.

Of course there are some beautiful herbs and necessary vitamins and minerals that can really help to support us and the nervous system. Please feel free to contact me for more information and make a time to either come and see me in person or have a Skype consultation to discuss further.

I also offer #floweressences for #emotions they are such a gentle subtle way of healing. You can fill out a request here for more info https://form.jotform.co/80372647584869

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