Hormones, Sleep, Low Energy & Focus/Concentration Part 2

Following on from my previous Hormone Blog I wanted to touch on #sleep our dreaded hormones can of course be the reason for our sleep disruptions or lack of sleep; however as a Naturopath I always have to ask what is the cause of no sleep? As there can be many many reasons. Can you get to sleep but seem to wake at a certain time each night? This could be an organ in your body trying to give you a "red flag" as the Chinese Medicine clock correlates to an organ in body, for example lets say you keep waking up at 2 am, this can indicate the gallbladder and liver are over whelmed and toxins are circulating. The main reasons for no sleep I find can be lifestyle choices, stress, pain, depression, restless leg syndrome, could be certain medications and of course hormonal changes.

With #stress our cortisol levels rise. #Cortisol is the primary stress hormone, it increases sugars into the blood stream and gives us that "flight or fight" response. We want to achieve our melatonin levels to be at the highest for sleep and sometimes the cortisol levels will disrupt that. So what can we do to help with sleep, we are trying to relax the nervous system, there are lots of beautiful #essentialoils that can help to do just that, for example lavender, vetiver, bergamot, juniper berry, these can be in a diffuser, a room spray, or made into a roller with fractionated coconut oil. I have found they do work wonders even if to signal to the body that we are preparing for winding down. My special #hormonecream will go to work here beautifully, smells divine and has the #wildyam which will go to work on #hormonebalance.

Another one of the biggest things I find that disrupts sleep is #gastricclearance this allows for digestion so usually no food 3 hours before sleeping, so try and aim for your last meal of an evening to be at 6:30pm. This can be difficult I know with after school activities or shift workers; however something to be aware of, as eating earlier before trying to sleep will make a HUGE difference :)

Caffeine is a big no no after midday, alcohol can also make things a lot worse, especially if your suffering from the dreaded #nightsweats. Many ladies find that just cutting back on the alcohol really does work for the sleep disturbances. Just try it you might surprise yourself and although its a hard habit to kick the health benefits are amazing!

Do you have electrical devices in the bedroom? I mean the tv, alarm clock, the mobile phone? These can all really disrupt your sleep esepecially if you do have a wired nervous system. Having a battery powered alarm, don't sleep next to your mobile phone, unplug the tv etc...

I love using #chamomiletea or #lemonginger herbal teas to also help to relax the nervous system and prepare for bed. Ultimately though I would still always need to find the cause of no sleep as we are all different and go from there. This way we are really getting to the bottom of the problem, and resolving it. Having a good rest is essential to be able to restore, repair and reset ourselves as well as feeling human and not a cranky cow!

Low Energy- Who out there suffers from #lowenergy??? Obviously if your the one who isn't getting a good sleep and rest then you will also suffer on the other side with low or no energy. Life can be a real drag! Even getting out of bed, doing your hair, getting dressed and sorting out the kids can be all too much to bare. This can be the deadly spiral to depression so its definitely a BIG red flag moment. Again I will work out why you have no energy? What is the driving factor? Is it diet? Are you absorbing nutrients? Are you getting all the B's you need the Iron? Or is it the hormone change? So low energy can be from the lack or no sleep, stress, hormones, adrenal fatigue and absorption of nutrients... could be lots going on and needs to be addressed.

A good complex B could help or a specific womens multi vitamin looking at zinc, A,C,E, iron, calcium, (lots of other specific minerals) Vitamin D and don't forget a good essential fatty acid! They are essential, or the body can't manufacture them on it's own we need to get these from our food we eat! Think oily fish- salmon, tuna good place to start :) I find many #skincomplaints resolve from the addition of a practitioner EFA's #crackedheels, #scalyskin, #eczema, #psoarsis, #dryscalp and IF your REALLY dry then you need to drink more water. I often think how many health complaints would resolve if people just drank water! Thats an easy one to add into your day...

Focus, Concentration & Memory- I love a herb called #bacopa it is incredible for clarity of mind and focus (side note, great for #ADHD kids too). #Siberianginseng is also a great #adaptogen which helps the body to deal with stress, it also helps with #insomnia, #energy and #focus so it is one that will tick a few boxes! After I give clients a specific herbal blend for the focus, concentration and memory they are usually firing on all cylinders and ready to go! Again though what is the cause of the memory or lack there-of? Aging? Hormones? Then we will address the cause and begin working on that area. I love the saying "use it or loose it!" So ladies we need to stay mentally stimulated be using our minds.

I know I have only briefly covered a couple of topics here and it was our #womenshealthchat that inspired me to type all my messy notes out for all to read and hopefully gain a few points that can help you to take control of your health. Be in touch if you have any questions dimmyellis@live.com and if you are at the point where you do need help getting your hormones right then book in for a Naturopathic Consultation and we can work to getting you back on balance for your life.x https://hinterlandnaturopathybookings.as.me/

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