Its Spring Time- Seasonal Allergies

Spring, its my favorite season of the year, not too hot not too cool its just right! I love the birds tweeting, the flowers blooming, the air has a fresh feeling and everything starts to come to life. It can also present many people with those dreaded seasonal #allergies that awful feeling of #itchyeyes and #runnynose constant #sneezing or #itchythroat #congestion and #headaches if you suffer from these seasonal allergies, then you know how annoying they can be.

Happy kids enjoying the sun in spring

If your an adult by this stage of your life you would have figured out perhaps what is the main cause, whether it is a particular pollen, or grass. Maybe you have even been through the expense of #allergytesting.

As a Naturopath I first help clients to find out exactly what the cause of your histamine response is. If its something that can be easily avoided then that is great, but more often than not it is something that you have to live with and hopefully not reaching for a #antihistamine everyday- as that in itself can cause another set of problems. The symptoms you experience are your body's way of defense, your body is doing what it knows best by getting rid of the "thing" that it is seeing as an invader to your #immunesystem it does this by producing #histamine and that is really what causes the annoying symptoms.

So why does it effect some people and others are completely fine thinking you have some sort of disease?? Well your immune system is just more "reactive" so we are able to help by modulating the immune system, as well as getting the bottom of the cause as often something may have occurred in your life that triggered this. There are many wonderful herbs can help alleviate the symptoms as well as support the immune system, for example, rosemary, garlic, tumeric, stinging nettle leaf, eyebright, albizia, calendula, echinacea, pelargonium and elder flower to name a few, as well as specific vitamins and minerals that you may be lacking or deficient in your diet for example, Vitamin C, B5, B6, B12, Essential Fatty Acids, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium and I also love to use Iron Phosphate and Potassium Chloride as a duo celliod. Much research also suggests that specific #probiotics have shown to be the most effective on these allergic responses. Of course you don't need to take ALL of these things, that is where your Natural practitioner can help to find what you yourself needs. Don't try and self prescribe honestly you can make it harder on your body, talk to someone that is experienced and knows what can specifically work for you.

Most of all you really do need to be able to get out and enjoy the outdoors, get off the devices, go for a walk on the beach, enjoy a picnic in a beautiful garden soaking up some sunshine and #vitaminD contact me if you need more help lets get to the bottom of your allergies so you can get out and enjoy this spring!

Embracing the sun and getting out in the outdoors

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