Keto Diet- Does it work? Whats it all about?

As promised what is all the fuss about the #ketodiet The idea is you limit your #carbohydrateintake eat mostly fats and a small amount of protein. Your body will naturally want to convert carbohydrates into #glucose as it is the most readily available energy for our cells, once you limit the carbs, then your body will burn a small amount of protein but then switch to burning fat. As a #Naturopath I have to stress focus on the #goodfats still avoid #processedfoods #sugarydrinks #sugarysnacks. The bi-product of burning fat's are #ketones, they are highly acidic, which isn't great for your body and you have to be careful that you don't end up in a state of #ketosis. Do your own research to see if this is the diet for you, my advice is proceed with caution, never stay on for a long period of time. It's never good to restrict your body of certain food groups, as you will lack particular nutrients!!

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