Paleo Diet

The #paleodiet is one of my favorites as a #Naturopath. It takes you back to the #huntergatherer so you are cutting out all the #processedfoods #refinedsugars #grains #legumes #mostdairy The diet is to include seafood, lean cuts of meat preferably #organic #grassfed and free range chicken, vegetables and fruit. Some of the major differences between this and keto are; keto is high fat 70-75% where as Paleo has a lower fat intake, Keto has lower carbs, though Paleo is considered low carbs also, Keto can have processed foods (though I would not suggest), whereas Paleo is to have no processed or refined foods, Keto love dairy as it is a good source of fat and Paleo there is little or no dairy.

I have seen many health aliments benefit from the #paleodiet however this is something you should discuss with your own health care practitioner to see if it is the correct lifestyle change for you and your family.

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