Womens Health Part 1 - Mood Swings and Our Hormones

After talking at a #womenshealth event last week it has prompted me to write a little about what we talked about. As I am a Naturopath I see many ladies in clinic for #hormonalimbalance as well as #adrenalfatigue however for the purpose of this post I wanted to focus on a few main areas of concern that women often complain of:

1. Mood Swings

2. Low Energy

3. Sleep Disturbances

4. Concentration and Memory

Because its such a HUGE topic and let's face it we women are complicated beings I am just focusing on Mood Swings in this Part 1

The above symptoms are very common complaints for women who are #perimenopausal or those heading into the #menopausal zone of 45+ (eek thats me!!) there is lots we can do to help ease these symptoms and really look at the cause! Let's face it #menopause is a natural occurrence we will all get to that stage of transition and it shouldn't be too hard on us; however if you are in your late 30's then this is something your definitely not wanting to experience at this age!

Mood Swings, arghhh!! I call it the "Cranky Cow!" #moodswings occur when our serotonin levels rise and fall rapidly, interesting to note that during our cycle #estrogen and #progesterone also fluctuate and they help to control serotonin production levels. If your serotonin is low it can cause #anxiousness #aggression #sleepissues #fatigue #nausea #digestiveissues #cravingsweetfoods and those carb cravings. Tryptophan can help with serotonin production so check if you are getting enough of it in your diet. Include #trytophan rich foods that are high in amino acids, for example, high protein foods such as salmon, turkey, nuts, cottage cheese, legumes, oats, seeds. Exercise also increases your tryptophan levels and helps with the uptake of serotonin, I also use #stjohnswort and SAMe for clients to help regulate mood and hormones. Lets say though you could have higher Serotonin then you will also need #magnesium #zinc and #iron to help muscles to relax will reduce cramping and pain and also helps to lower the serotonin levels.

When it comes to mood I always find that a good B Complex is needed, many women have what I call "stinking thinking" this is when the weight of the whole world on your shoulders and your depressed and can't seem to get yourself out of the rut. You might even turn to alcohol to feed your depression. Alcohol depletes the body of the #bvitamins which are needed for gut health, absorption of nutrients, healthy mind and gives you a much needed energy boost so it ticks a few boxes. Always do seek medical help from a professional if you get yourself into a place where you are thinking you just can't cope anymore, there are many people waiting to help you. You just need to ask for help.

Ok so what's all the fuss about #hormones here are some drivers that contribute to #excessestrogen which leads to oestrogen dominance. Stress (inflammation within the body), Dysbiosis (Gut microbiotia imbalance), Toxicity- look at your household chemicals, personal care, eating excess refined foods and drinking alcohol in excess all come under "toxicity", fat mass- did you know that fat cells can store and actually produce estrogen! This can all lead to #thyroiddysfunction #fatigue #weightgain often your symptoms might present as #uterinepain #endometriosis your mood might be angry, depressed and anxious... What to do?? Personally I want to work on the #liver and help the clearance of #estrogens then reduce the stress, avoid those toxic chemicals and make necessary lifestyle adjustments. Fortunately I make a #hormonalbalancing cream. This is easily absorbed through the skin, includes beautiful essential oils of #ylangylang #geranium #lavender and the amazing herbs of #chastetree and #wildyam Yam is known as the #naturalprogesterone when it is metabolised it converts to progesterone!! This cream smells delish and will make you feel immediately relaxed and I use it if there is too much estrogen or too little its the perfect #hormonebalancer.

Some women suffer with #estrogendeficiency this can result in symptomatic #menopause, #hotflushes, #nightsweats, #insomnia, #anxiety, #depression, #lowlibido these all point to perhaps heading into #perimenopause. I would always do pathology, hormone level testing to ensure that is what is happening or you can check in with your gp; however we can start making adjustments to lifestyle by increasing the exercise, including more #phytoestrogens into the diet such as soya beans, flaxseeds, apples, carrots, fennel, celery, parsley, legumes and I love using herbs such as #blackcohosh, #stjohnswort, #shatavari #Paeonia, #Yam

If you are experiencing mood changes, PMS, fluid retention and cravings I often find this can indicate a deficiency in Progesterone activity (natural this does change during our cycle). And the excess male hormones #androgens #testosterone we see PCOS #polycysticovarysyndrome #acne #hirsutism #visceralobesity and the absence of periods. Gosh this all sounds DOOM and GLOOM!!

If something in here has resonated with you know that I am here to help, so feel free to contact me we can chat and see which path you need to take. Remember we are all individual we are all different hence why a Consultation is so important to be able to get to the bottom of what YOU need and what is specific for you.

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