Winter Wellness Package 1

Short Consultation focusing on the Immune system & Immune Products 30 min-45 min can be over phone or in Clinic $160 Valued over $200

This will give the Practitioner an idea of the contributing factors and take down all your health history we will devise a treatment plan.

Mineral deficiency can often be the cause of illness this package will include a mineral supplement.

Probiotics also ensure that GUT bacteria is at optimum levels this will be aiding in digestion, and absorption of nutrients to ensure an effectively working immune system.

Herbal Supplement specifically for modulating immune

Herbs and Minerals

Virus Protection Adult or Child

This pack includes 2 premium products to help support immune function- You will be required to complete a short form to ensure that the correct products are sent directly to you. A complimentary 15 minute phone chat is also available to discuss any health concerns you may have.